Thursday, July 8, 2010


So, I think it's pretty obvious that returning to work has grossly limited my blogging opportunites. Summertime = crazy busy for what I do. But, I have so much to fill you in on...

First of all, I want to give a huge thank you to those of you who sent out thoughts and prayers for my sick sister. Thankfully, she has made a full recovery, but 6 days in the hospital and a bacterial infection that spread from her blood into her kidneys and lungs, was so unbelievably scary. I had more than one breakdown in that time, but thankfully my mom was able to be by her side even though the rest of us weren't. And, even more exciting, my dad decided at the last minute to fly her in for the Fourth.

Speaking of which, Olivia's first Independence Day was a blast. We enjoyed a parade, strolled around Main St., went to a couple of parties, and played in the swimming pool. My child loves to be busy and look at new things, so I'm grateful for how well she adapts when we have a lot going on.

My little girl is almost 5 1/2 months and I'm well overdue for a 5 month post. She just finished fighting off her second bad cold/sinus infection, I'm sure a result of daycare germs, and is happier than ever. She has been sitting up by herself for weeks and is still quite the roly poly.

Life is busy as we plan for her Baptism this weekend (at least we'll get it in before she's 6 months, lol) and Josh's hernia surgery next week. Surviving as a "single parent" for a bit should be interesting.

I'll leave you with a quick picture Josh snapped of Olivia "painting" at daycare last week.


Jennelle said...

Lisa, I'm so glad to hear that your sister has recovered!

Miss Olivia is quite the artist. :)

Amy said...

Im glad she is doing much beter and on the mend! Good luck with josh's surgery!